Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ICE SKATING............

On Tuesday, my brothers and I went ice skating. Well, I just watched. It was 2 hours of wintery bliss. We had so much fun! Chad drove to a new ice rink(new to me). I was able to get lots of pictures and laughs. I haven't had that much fun in quite a long time. The boys had a blast skating around and around and they even enjoyed trying to skate backwards. After 1 hour you can see the red coldness on my feet and after 2 hours you can really see it on Chad's arms. The cold wasn't too unbearable until the
ice had to be cleaned. After that there was a very uncomfortable chill in the air. I have never been more thrilled to walk into the thick, hot wall of the 100+ degree sun in all my life. My words of advice are simple--
Wear long sleeves and don't forget your socks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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