Saturday, July 11, 2009

Camping=chillax time

Chillax is a combination of the words "relax" and "chill". What better way is there than camping? It is the best way to get away from all your troubles. Doesn't the campsite my dad chose look so serene? This was the relaxing view that we got to take in for the weekend. Arizona can be absolutely beautiful.

The Chillaxing experience was shared with my dad and mom; my grandpa and his wife, Barbara; and Chris and I. My mom happened to be busy with dinner when this photo was taken and Chris was taking the photo for us.

Doesn't the moon look cool? Just looking at this picture gives me the chillax feeling at home!

Story time- Chris and I were approached by my mom requesting that we take a short jaunt to Flagstaff. This supposed trip would be 40 miles round-trip from camp. To our surprise, at 22 miles from camp, we see a sign that reads 32 miles to Flagstaff. Yes, just 108 miles round-trip for our scrumptious caramel apples and the heavy laughter workout was well worth our time(even though we had to stop multiple times to try for cell phone signal because my mom multitasks even from the mountainside). Flagstaff= nowhere in sight.

This is a great picture taken while on our brief exploration of the area.

I was amazed that I was able to capture a picture of the sun setting behind a cloud as it was in the center of two trees .

This coyote only wanted a drink, but was scared off due to our sudden appearance.

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