Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Playin' it Old School

I play a lot of video games. Currently I just beat a game on xbox, but I play games with both brothers on Super Nintendo. I was privileged to get to Kirby's Dream Course with McKay. McKay hates this game because I usually win. The other night he received his back-to-school gift by beating me. We played the 2 player Wispy Woods course. I was able to maintain a slight lead for the majority of the time, but lost my concentration which lead to my eventual downfall. I am player 2 in this picture-what happened? Well, I am very grateful that McKay can take time out of his busy teenage life to hang out with his sister..So thanks McKay.

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Darin and Jena Bailey said...

I am sure you will redeem yourself soon. And i am so happy I can leave comments!!!