Monday, September 14, 2009

Got Snortin' Laughter?

Have you ever laughed so hard you cry and snort at the same time? Well- Let me tell you a little story.... (h-hum)

Once upon a time... Brandi was sittin' on a couch watching TV. She happened to be sitting in the middle of the sofa between her prince and brother. All of the sudden, her mom asks if she can have a shoulder rub. As Brandi gets on the floor to crawl over to the recliner, McKay(the oh-so-quick brother) decides to sit in front of said recliner. After some loving wrestling Brandi finally got up into the chair. Mom had to coax the oh-so-quick brother to get some homework done. Things were going great until....the oh-so-quick brother decides that he needs to see everyone. Slowly the recliner begins to tip back ever so slightly. When Brandi looked like a stranded turtle(yeah-on the back with the arms and legs flailing around in the air),the o-s-q brother puts the chair down. Everything was almost normal except for the snaughing but then the o-s-q brother instantly decided that he liked the "stranded turtle" and did it over and over. The end............

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Janiece said...

Got to love the brothers!
Have a great day!
Aunt Niece