Friday, September 11, 2009


I know that your thinkin' Neverending Story-you might even be singin' the song. I must blog quickly cause I've got a movie to watch!!!

Anywho- This post is to let you know bout the books I've been reading...

The month started with this novel written by Alice Sebold. I read this book only because I saw a movie trailer for it. And, in most cases, I like to read the book before I watch the movie. This book jumped and moved around so much that it was confusing to me. It really had no plot and I was not in any hurry to finish. I now understand what ADD/ADHD feels like in your mind-NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!

This is the book that I was able too finish in 2 days. I finished quickly not because it was so superb, but because I happen to be really far behind on my reading schedule. This book contains a lot of slang or slanguage as I call it. I can definitely see why its in the YA category. It is very true-to-life for teens and what they experience before becoming adults. I thought I would like the vampyre subject matter, but instead am starting to feel that you really don't know what is myth or fact. The vampyres in this book are quite different than the typical sleep-in-coffins, afraid of garlic and crosses vamps. They're even slightly different than EDWARD(ooh! another movie-looks like a double feature).

I am now reading Betrayed. That is the next book after Marked. "Why are you reading it if you didn't care for the first one?" Well-you must give the series a chance. What if books 2-5 are really good? Should I miss out because 1/5 of the series is only o.k.? And if #2 is not that great, I will still be "hoping" that it gets better. By the time you've read #3, you are already more than 50% invested in the series so you might as well finish them-so NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Darin and Jena Bailey said...

It is still on my to do list to sign up for good reads. We want to start a book club..... I am sure I can count you in!!