Friday, November 13, 2009


My parents have truly given me a great example when it comes to maintaing a wonderful marriage. Their 22 years has resulted in many special memories. Chris and I on working on building our own adventures and are very appreciative that we have such wonderful examples.

I Love my brothers! We get along great and are comfortable being ourselves. I am so thankful that we can relate to each other and love the laughter and activities that we embark on together. Life is much better with family!! Chris' family lives far, far away and he fits in perfectly and has been lovingly accepted. Our family is....



Janiece said...

You do have an amazing family.
I can not even tell you how much I love you guys.
Eternal...for sure!

Lene said...

Yes your family is pretty special. The extended family isn't half bad either. Ü

(I can't believe your Mom and Dad have been married that long!)

Rhonda said...

send me these pictures or bring me a CD please... Love mom