Sunday, January 31, 2010

The kidney and the stone.........

It all began wed. morning. I was going to have a great day!! Well, the neighbor's annoying dog won't quit barking, so I guess the day will start earlier than planned. After my shower my tummy is hurting a little bit-no prob. i'll massage it. That kinda hurts a little, but the pain will probably realx if i keep going...WHATTHE. Did i rupture a bowel?(my family thinks i need a colonoscopy,but its too late now) i slowlt make my way to the couch and then proceed to think that the pain will go away shortly. No such luck. i have spent oodles of time racking my brain on how i might get this incredible pain to stop. its so bad i stay on the couch laying on my back. i finally call my husband and when he gets home we decide on how to proceed...Call the paramedics-I THINK NOT. give me a ride to the ER-I'M NOT SITTIN UP!! This is not the day David will conquer Goalith. ok, call the paramedics because this pain is ridonkulus. i'm in the ER now so everything should get better....NOT! isn't morphine supposed to be a pain killer. you knoe kill the pain? get chad here!!!!!!!!!!! i need lightness and humor. my brother gets to the hospital after work and even with imense pain, his jokes are a welcome distaction. the nurse hands me 2 not 1 but 2 cups of orange syrup. DRINK both you have 1 hour. Are you smoking? i don't think i'll get 1 down let alone 2. x-rays are x-rays. the only problem there is even laying in my bed, i still felt like i was going to fall. i was totally prepared to fall off the bed!! It might hurt, but i'm already hurting-so its all good. i'm back to my curtain now and trying to tackle my hi-c fruit punch with way too much syrup and not enough water. Pretty proud-i drank 1/4 of the first cup full. YES!! doin good. then the nurse proceeds to tell me that i have 20 min to finish the remaining 7/4 or i will be the lucky winner of a nose tube. GIVE ME THE DRINK. i never knew that could have so much impact on me. i was able to drink both cups and so i was ready for a CT scan. i get to the machine and find out that i am getting injected with iodine. You will tingle all over and feel like you are having bladder issues the nurse says calmly. Shouldn't we calm the patient?? i am finally wheeled back to my husband and brother. Remove mouth and insert firehose--use your imagination for this part. more morphine-it didn't even work the first time. i now think the pain is getting worse. will it ever quit?!? enter doc- you have a kidney stone!!
i'm too young for this-according to my brother i'm officially old. i ride home with chad because his jeep is NOT Goalith.

FYI- the pain is equivalent to labor pains. Hence a new found respect for my mother!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Battle of the sexes

This weekend, Chris and I got to play the game Battle of the Sexes. We played this game with Darin and Jena. We had so much fun!! It was the women folk against the men and was it a riot. The men had to answer questions that women know and vice-versa. Jena and I had a slow start but we won in the end. In the guys defense-cooking questions can be very hard.(Even we didn't know the answers to a few).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just trying to stay warm!!

This is the main room of our new shack. It is a little chilly. After packing all six of us in this room and covering the openings and door ways it warms up pretty good. This picture is of the sleeping arrangements. 3 decided to try it out and 3 decided it was still too cold!!

Chad only got bundled up to go outside. All of the menfolk were so toasty that there was no need for a jacket-Mom and me on the other hand were still cold. Just in case your know its warming up when I take off my jacket and the last day-I thought heat stroke was acoming.

Friday, January 1, 2010

How many?

My next few posts will describe my chillax time leading up to the 2010 holiday- ok let me clear my throat...this is a picture of the "treasure" chest that needs to be opened. Before that story let me tell another.
While Chad and McKay(a.k.a. 13) were in the process of toting this mystery treasure, a small piece of leather slides down the top and comes to rest on the stairs. 13 thinks it may potentially be a mouse- as he dances and stomps while balancing his end of the treasure...we laugh so hard our sides hurt.
Next- There were 4 leatherman tools given as Christmas presents in the family. Each tool had it's fair share of usage. At one time there were 3 leatherman's being used at the same time. Then comes out the drill- Bent 13's leatherman, Broke dad's pliers, and broke the drill, but by golly it still won't open. After everything was snapped and bent or broken it then took another 15 mins to open the treasure-What's inside you ask...