Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just trying to stay warm!!

This is the main room of our new shack. It is a little chilly. After packing all six of us in this room and covering the openings and door ways it warms up pretty good. This picture is of the sleeping arrangements. 3 decided to try it out and 3 decided it was still too cold!!

Chad only got bundled up to go outside. All of the menfolk were so toasty that there was no need for a jacket-Mom and me on the other hand were still cold. Just in case your know its warming up when I take off my jacket and the last day-I thought heat stroke was acoming.


Janiece said...

looks like lots of fun! If you wanted snow for Christmas...we had it here!

Hope to see you soon

Kira Burgess said...

where is your followers button?