Thursday, March 25, 2010

The red planet

Doesn't Mars look beautiful? It is the little kinda reddish dot to the right of the moon.

And here it is looking all lonely and opaque all by itself...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last night was our ward's annual Relief Society birthday. I am so kicking myself today for not taking my camera(maybe I just need to take it along all the time). I hope I can do enough justice to the beautiful decor by just describing it. The stage was set up with all RS presidents starting from 1842. Each was displayed on its own easel except for 6. The 6 were doubled with material covering the easel. --**---**---**--. Something like that. Then there was a big frame gift wrapped and presents underneath it at each end. There were nine tables set with blue napkins. Each napkin was beautifully adorned with a small RS seal. The theme for the evening was "Circle of Sisters". Each centerpiece had a rectangle tissue paper that was well coordinated with-you guessed it! CIRCLES. Cake pedestals were placed in the center of each table with cupcakes resting on top. Can I just say-BEAUTIFUL!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I love going to the dentist. If my insurance would pay for a cleaning every 2 months-I'M SO THERE!! Unfortunately I only get this 2 times a year(call the WAAA-mbulance)
I recently experienced some dental work and the numbness that goes with it.
*"come in and make yourself comfortable" OK- it comes to mind that these experiences have always been easy-"this will numb your mouth so we can work with no feeling on your part"OK-this part has never bothered me-wait. has the needle always been that big? i think i should close my eyes-NOW! "we'll be back in a few minutes to give that ample time to sart working" OK-dum-de dum. i am humming to myself. it has now been 1 minute and nothing-oh oh wait what that slight tingling? i think its working. are they ever coming back? I KNOW I NEED TO BE NUMB EVERYWHERE-i KNOW that i am. "lets get started" OK-lets get DONE. "I need suction on this tooth" OK-you need a dry surface."More suction" arizona located in the southwest-not located in my mouth."More suction"you've not only got rid of the moisture in my mouth but the facets are dripping sand...hopefully i can get a drink soon. "We're almost done-just let me polish the tooth"OK-i so need to wet the ol' whistle so hurry up, doc. you know-i have a pretty bad gag reflex-i bet its worse when i have cotton mouth-(ack,ack-GET OUTTA MY MOUTH-no vesuvius today, but it was close. I get into my truck and desperately try to get a drink-nope, DENIED. my lips and tongue are so numb that the water just drips out of my mouth-oh wait. Ding Ding. i only had work on the right side. the left should be normal!! so much for that brillant idea. how long do i have to wait? well, lets go shopping and then go eat-the numbness will be gone by then. "can we eat now or do we need to wait?"asks my oh so wonderful hubby. well-i'm starving so who cares how my lips are-PIZZA my favorite. i'll order an extra cheese and mushroom. life is great-pizza,DRINK. (many heartfelt thanks to the inventor of the straw) i still am a little numb so ill tilt my head so that each bite of pizza falls to the left side-wait my oh so precious mushroom is falling off the pizza-quick quick use your mouth to grab it. yeah one side of my mouth is not closing all the way-oh darn. i just dropped my mushroom.