Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last night was our ward's annual Relief Society birthday. I am so kicking myself today for not taking my camera(maybe I just need to take it along all the time). I hope I can do enough justice to the beautiful decor by just describing it. The stage was set up with all RS presidents starting from 1842. Each was displayed on its own easel except for 6. The 6 were doubled with material covering the easel. --**---**---**--. Something like that. Then there was a big frame gift wrapped and presents underneath it at each end. There were nine tables set with blue napkins. Each napkin was beautifully adorned with a small RS seal. The theme for the evening was "Circle of Sisters". Each centerpiece had a rectangle tissue paper that was well coordinated with-you guessed it! CIRCLES. Cake pedestals were placed in the center of each table with cupcakes resting on top. Can I just say-BEAUTIFUL!!

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Janiece said...

I have one camera that is usually really close to my purse...never know if you will see one of the "wallyworld" poeple they are always talking about....
or you will have a OH THAT WOULD BE A GREAT BLOG!
Love ya