Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Chillaxin'

Attendess: Morris, Rhonda, Chad, McKay(Simba), Brandi, Chris--
not pictuered: Willie & Barbara Angle

We had a great time over the weekend.

Stunningly beautiful(and green) views. A nice set-up around the campfire. We had side-stitching laughter--

We even managed to have a lot of fun riding the golf cart and the quad!!

after the ride was over I became certain that I wouldn't fall off, but wasn't so sure during the ride.....

There was one hill that only McKay attempted and after it was over he said that we would NOT have stayed upright if there were any passengers with him.

riding the quad was a whole different story and Simba was willing to do it!!
Why was McKay named-Simba?? He has decided to grow out his hair and chooses to "fluff" it with his fingers. He was looking like a young lion cub.

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