Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mother/Daughter Fun

Last night was our mother/daughter R.S. Activity. My mom was able to join me and I was really excited. The decorations were absolutely beautiful. The purse and pinwheels theme was a great idea. We had chicken salad sandwhiches and fruit kabobs. We filled out bingo cards and played purse bingo after we ate. This paper bag purse was also one of our activities. I was really glad my mom was there to help out because there were too many projects being worked on for just me to help. The purses were well liked-there was a lot of praise for the idea. I was glad that the idea was a successful one. My mom and I weren't able to complete the the other projects, but i heard lot of compliments on those also. Fabric pinwheel bows for your hair-beautiful!

We were able to have our picture taken in the photo booth that was set-up. The big flower props were a very cute addition to the pictures.

Overall we had a wonderfull time. It just goes to show that you're never to old to party with your mother. So-thanks MOM.

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