Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why do I do this to myself

I am constantly reading something. But why don't I give myself a break? I feel like I have to prove something to myself....Note to self: ths is not a thereapy session!! Anywho-I have a current list of books requested at the library. 5-10 books is usually the norm. I almost alays have 4-5 books at home. Always books and more books.

This is what happens when I read................
Page 1:each line is 2 lines because I have some beer-goggle thing minus the beer.
Page 1: i either read this page or i'm having strong feelings of deja-vu
Page 2: i have reverted back to page 1 due to the eye twitching
Page 2: ok this is where i was before the twitching started-oh wait here comes deja-vu again
this process goes on and starts again several times for each book. It like i read 2 book instead of 1. i think ill double my book quota-instead of reading 35 books the # should be more like 70.

Im sorry this post is so short, but the keyboard is now becoming 1 button