Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread Madness-You Decide

Over the weekend my family decided to have a gingerbread house battle. It was quite the showdown with 6 people in the ring. Participants included Mom(Rhonda), Dad(Morris),Chad,McKay,Brandi, and Chris. Now for the rules....
*each team will consist of 3 builders-we'll draw names
*You can only use the contents of your kit-ok you can have scissors and dad had the genius idea of a bigger piece of cardboard(glad for that one)

House #1...Front and back
This lovely home features- The words "pick me" in front and "winner" in back. It comes complete with Santa's sleigh and a nice pile of "yellow" snow courtesy of rudolph. It has a very colorful flowerbed and plenty of trees for those "hide'n'seek" moments. The roof features scallop type shingles with plenty of icicles. It boasts a sweet smelling chimney too!!

House #2-front and back...
This small cottage claims a good size front door. It comes with christmas light around the roof and "xmas" spelled out for your enjoyment. It has a small walkway and heart shaped flowerbed. It comes with a beautiful fountain and christmas tree. Thr backyard has a gumdrop forest for playing games. It also has a sweet smelling chimney. It's mailbox really add character.

Now which house would you choose and why....(bonus if you guess the builders (3) on each team.
Note: The picture is NOT necessarily divided into teams-its just a family photo.