Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Rash

This weekend was a snow-filled chillaxin' one. We had SO much ridonkulus fun. We started out Saturday by eating a warm breakfast at a near-by cafe. You can't top biscuits and gravy!! Upon returning to the shack we decided to do some sledding. Dad got out the 4 wheeler and with McKay helping they got everything set-up. McKay was the track guinea pig and got the course nice and worn for us. Everyone (except my brother Chad) got a turn. We are still trying to figure out if sittling while sledding is easier or harder than laying down. Fortunately we were able to get video of most everyone. (Those can be viewed on Facebook). Dad's video can be viewed from this post.

after sledding for awhile-a family snowman was added to the agenda....

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