Friday, March 25, 2011

Hoppin' Ready, almost

I am almost ready for Easter and it's not even April yet. Whoop Whoop!! This adorably fun wreath was made very simply-- First the green flower wreath was wrapped with decorative Easter garland.(I'm not sure how long 3 or 4 feet maybe??) I used my hot glue gun to seal it as I wrapped-6 or 7 different places**BE SURE TO USE LOW TEMP SETTING ON GLUE GUN**My hot glue gun has both the high and low temp settings. I prefer using the low setting just because touching the glue is tolerable(still uncomfortable) and my skin doesn't blister. Both settings will work but I don't want anyone getting hurt. A package of about 40 plastic eggs with a couple to spare was then glued to the wreath. Small "happy spring" ribbon was added to fill holes. (I've seen some with flowers to fill in-) I found a suitable wired jelly bean ribbon for the big bow-I can't tie a bow worth beans-hahaha-but my mom graciously helped out in that department-THANKS. I attached flower wire to the top center and then had the hubby feed the wire through the screen to hold it up....Now if I could get motivated and finish my banner-well at least the outside of my house is festive!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend project

I'm not a big fan of the color orange but my hubby loves Harley stuff. I needed this project to suit me with the perty bling while keeping it somewhat manly for the hubby.

The ingredients:

*mug *mini glass marbles(sorry for the picture quality-playing with camera settings)(these are very small)the marbles were clearanced at the craft store for $0.99-yeah buddy *pens and pencils(found at the dollar store. i even managed to find coordinating pencils)

when you open the tube of mini glass marbles you want to make sure you have a container ready(big enough to set your pen in) as the mini marbles will fly all over because they get really charged with static. Wrap a small piece around the ink core inside the pen-my measurement 1/2" x 3". I did a pen with the paper inside and some without(i prefer the paper). Put pen back together. Add two sided tacky tape(i used red liner tape) being careful to NOT leave gaps; all around the outside. Don't cover the end and make sure the marbles will stop where there is plenty of room for the cap to do the off/on thing. Remove red liner to expose sticky tape. Roll in marbles making sure to get complete coverage. While pen is in container, use your hands to press the marbles into the tape to ensure that it is stuck. Also run your hand over the completed pen to knock the loose marbles off of your pen(you don't want a big messy pile of glass marbles everytime you use your pen).

I added a little bit of ribbon to the handle of the mug. I am not quite sure if I like the ribbon and I might remove it-please help me decide...