Friday, March 25, 2011

Hoppin' Ready, almost

I am almost ready for Easter and it's not even April yet. Whoop Whoop!! This adorably fun wreath was made very simply-- First the green flower wreath was wrapped with decorative Easter garland.(I'm not sure how long 3 or 4 feet maybe??) I used my hot glue gun to seal it as I wrapped-6 or 7 different places**BE SURE TO USE LOW TEMP SETTING ON GLUE GUN**My hot glue gun has both the high and low temp settings. I prefer using the low setting just because touching the glue is tolerable(still uncomfortable) and my skin doesn't blister. Both settings will work but I don't want anyone getting hurt. A package of about 40 plastic eggs with a couple to spare was then glued to the wreath. Small "happy spring" ribbon was added to fill holes. (I've seen some with flowers to fill in-) I found a suitable wired jelly bean ribbon for the big bow-I can't tie a bow worth beans-hahaha-but my mom graciously helped out in that department-THANKS. I attached flower wire to the top center and then had the hubby feed the wire through the screen to hold it up....Now if I could get motivated and finish my banner-well at least the outside of my house is festive!!


Lene said...

So cute. I have plans to make a wreath like that for my front door.

Janiece said...

I had so many easter projects I WANTED to do..and I didn't do any of them.
I love your wreath, very cute I think I need one.